3-course Menu

Come and enjoy our special three-course menu.


Mushroom Cashew Carbonara

spaghetti with a smoky mushroom and cashew sauce

Indonesian Mie Goreng

this addictive Indonesian classic combines freshly sautéed vegetables, egg ribbons and noodles in our mouth-watering sweet and sticky sauce

Japanese Miso-Tahini Noodles

noodles with a gorgeous green cilantro-miso sauce

Garden Green Salad

crisp leaves, herbs and fresh raw vegetables with sunflower and pumpkin seeds


Laotian Stuffed Lemongrass

the freshest lemongrass stuffed with aromatic chicken or potato accompanied by rice and salad

American Sliders

Choose two: beef and bacon or mushroom and bean

served on fresh, Chinese steamed buns and accompanied by potato croquettes and salad

Puerto Rican Chicken Skewers

succulent marinated chicken with a home-made guava bbq sauce accompanied by vegetables and choice of rice or potato croquettes

Chinese Sweet and Sour Nest

garden herbs in a delicious sweet and sour sauce

home-made crispy potato bird’s nest bowl laden with sautéed fresh vegetables, pineapple and


Chocolate Bowl

edible chocolate bowl filled with seasonal fresh fruit and your choice of gourmet gelato

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

rich, fudgy, delicious brownie topped with gooey fudge and your choice of gourmet gelato