A World of Tastes

A World of Tastes

Delicious main dishes from around the world

Mushroom Cashew Carbonara

spaghetti with a smoky cremini mushroom and cashew sauce


Laotian Stuffed Lemongrass

lemongrass stuffed with aromatic chicken or potato accompanied by sticky rice


Trio of American Sliders

mix and match your trio: spicy chickpea, beef and bacon or mushroom and black beans served with potato croquettes or fresh salad

Puerto Rican Chicken Skewers

succulent marinated chicken with a guava bbq sauce accompanied by grilled vegetables as well as a choice of rice or salad

Indonesian Mie Goreng

this addictive Indonesian classic combines freshly sautéed vegetables, egg ribbons and noodles in our mouth-watering sweet and sticky sauce


Chinese Sweet and Sour Nest

home-made crispy potato bird's nest laden with sautéed fresh vegetables, pineapple and garden herbs in a delicious sweet and sour sauce

Mongolian Lettuce Wraps

choice of chicken, beef or vegetables served with a home-made ginger, garlic and soy dressing

Penne with Lemon and Parmigiano

penne bursting with the tastes of an Italian summer

Japanese Miso-Tahini Noodles

noodles with a gorgeous green cilantro-miso sauce

Indian Vegetable Curry

an authentic taste of southern India served with rice

English Sausages

fresh pork sausages, served with mashed potatoes, salad and home-made mustard